Matthew D. Jordan
Creative Juices

After a decade in advertising and design, Matthew knows good creative.

He cultivates art production, creates new design works, engages readers, and directs creative endeavors. Matthew's gotten the juices flowing in advertising, contracting, marketing, higher-ed, and the world of game publishing. His work has been featured in dozens of online galleries, 2 "best-of" books, 1 weird European magazine, and he's managed projects in 5 states. Speaking of books: he's written 3. He's been known to make coffee that ranges from "pretty okay" to "terrific," and once referenced his hair loss with, "Hey, even cool needs a runway." Whatever that means.

Pure Refinement. Male Pattern Baldness. Pixel Perfection.

Books, Too

Because if pretending to be a writer was a sport, Matthew would be the super near back quarter-batter. Touchgoal.

He's written three books, two more on the way, and internet strangers have taken to Twitter, Facebook, the iTunes, and other medias to express their appreciation for his work. Matthew also narrates his writing, the smooth salted caramel of his voice lent to hours upon hours of audiobook narration.

The written word. Audiobooks. Caramel.

"You'll likely either love this podcast, laughing uncontrollably, or you'll hate it, and end up breaking iTunes."
- Smashing Magazine

"What would it sound like if Hunter S. Thompson wrote the Divine Comedy around a modern setting of working in the digital realm?... Matthew Jordan is a crazy creative individual."

"He's a talented writer..." - Leo Laporte

"He's crazy, it's so funny!" - Amber MacArthur

"I am forever a fan of this man's writing and narration. I've been following his podcast since episode 10 or so, and it's been one of the best decisions of my grown man life."
- Cory Dutson (Goodreads)

"I loved it. And if you find the description interesting, I can pretty much assure you'll love it, too."
- Evo Terra, Founder,

"Everyone who has read and enjoyed Stephen King's Gunslinger novels should really give this a go. ...The production is beautifully done...the music is wonderful."
- Rusty Carl, author, A Dead God's Wrath

"It really is fantastic, in my humble opinion."
- Shaun Farrell, Adventures in Sci-Fi Publishing

"As a listener educated in such things, and who has been voraciously listening to audio podcast fiction for over 3 years, I will say without pause that Tincture is the absolute best. There is nothing better on the net. This isn't hyperbole, just a correct assessment."
- rootlock_ (iTunes)

"Apocalyptic literature and entertainment is all the rage these days. Even so there are some stories of this type that stand out in excellence and uniqueness within the trend. ...What a great project."
- Legendarium, Fantasy & Sci-Fi

"If you can appreciate westerns, sci-fi, gunfights, post-apocalyptic propositions of how the world might look, or just generally like really weird fiction, just buy this already. It blew me away on multiple levels..this is an author you will want to be able to say you were on the ground-floor with: because he's going places."
- Josh Gains (Amazon)

"The ending...the ending GOT me. I was on the last chapter, then became overwhelmed with emotion...Looking forward to Book 2."
- myfester (iTunes)

"Fantastic story...I loved the Gunslinger series, and you have done it justice, bravo! Looking forward to more 'such as it is'."
- Mike H (Podiobooks)

"Just listened to the last chapter of this awesome SF story...Cried my face off. Awe inspiring stuff."
- Charlette Corwin (Twitter)    /
Please, Create Responsively

Or, adaptively. Either way, Matthew knows how to make it fit.

They may want the logo bigger, but when your juices are flowing, you know it's big enough. You're not a button pusher, you're not interested in fitting the mould, and you've never seen typography that you cannot adjust.

Ask your Photoshoperist for Creative Juices™, the one with Matthew D. Jordan on the label.

Reach. Touch.

Advisor to kings, father to princes.
Matthew D. Jordan for Creative Juices™

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